Building the Butter Community

Building the Butter Community

Want us to keep you in the loop about what we're planning with the Butter community and send you a priority invite two weeks before we officially launch? 😎🥳 Then continue reading! 👇

In today's new reality of hybrid and virtual collaboration, 'Skills of the Future' are becoming more important than ever before. Collaboration, Facilitation, Creativity, Innovation and Problem-Solving experience and know-how give people an extra-special edge when working with diverse and distributed teams all over the globe. 🌍

At the forefront of this up-skilling revolution are the facilitators, the workshoppers, the trainers, and the consultants that are transforming the way teams collaborate virtually, one workshop at a time. 👨‍🏫

...and we are building the Butter community for those of you who are changing the face of virtual collaboration! 👯🚀


This is the right community for you if...

  • Facilitator or Workshopper;
  • Trainer or L&D professional;
  • Innovation or Strategy Consultant;
  • Designer or UX/ UI Practitioner;
  • Scrum Master or Agile Coach.
  • Virtual workshops (e.g. strategy, team alignment, team collaboration, ideation, problem-solving);
  • Virtual training (e.g. soft-skills);
  • Design sprints;
  • Masterclasses or mastermind groups.


What do you need to do now?

Score your priority sign-up by leaving us your name and email in the form below so we can contact you two weeks before the official community launch. 🙌


What will you get after signing up?

You will be part of the second cohort to join the community after the Community Shapers - the group of awesome facilitators who are well-known in their field and that will be co-creating the community space with us!

As we advance in our co-creation journey, we would love to capture your insights through a series of surveys as well. This is your chance to impact the way the community space will look and feel like. 🤓